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Research topics

Magnetic properties of low dimensional structures

Magnetism of ultrathin metallic films:
Au/Fe/Au, Cr/Fe/Cr,  Au/Cr/Au

Structure and magnetism of epitaxial Fe3O4 films on MgO(001)

Electronic and magnetic properties at surfaces and interfaces:
Fe/Ru, Fe3O4/vacuuum, Fe3O4/metal, Fe/Al, Fe/Cr, Fe/Au

Ordered alloys by atomic layer epitaxy:
B2 FeAl, B2 FeCr

Metastable magnetic phases stabilized in ultra thin epitaxial films:
bcc Co, L10 AuFe,

Coupling phenomena in sandwiches and multilayers:
Fe/FeAl/Fe, monoatomic Au/Fe superlattices, Fe/Cr/Fe

First principle calculations of electronic structure (hyperfine magnetic fields) at surfaces and interfaces

Metallic and oxide nanoparticles on single crystalline oxide surfaces
          cooperation with
Institut of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry

Atomic resolution gamma-ray holography using the Moessbauer effect
          cooperation with
Pawel Korecki

Surface diffusion

            cooperation with Institut für Materialphysik der Universität Wien, in frame of Materials  Dynamics Network