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TEAM project

TEAM workshop

“Atomic and molecular level devising of functional nanostructures
for magnetic and catalytic applications”.

including project meetings:

Austrian-Polish cooperation project Vienna University-ICSC PAS Krakow
“Adsorbates on Fe monolayer on W (110)”

French-Polish cooperation Polonium ESRF- ICSC PAS Krakow
“Metal and oxide epitaxial nanostructures as seen by nuclear resonance scattering of synchrotron radiation”.

HR picture (pdf 3MB)
workshop schedule (pdf 51KB)
book of abstracts (pdf 1MB)

Place and Dates

::  Workshop took place in Zakopane, in Geovita conference center

::  12.04.2011 – arrival to Zakopane, welcome party

::  16.04.2011 – departure from Zakopane

Scientific Program

Scientific program included: invited talks (40 minutes), short oral contributions (20 minutes), poster session and less formal discussions.

Invited and Contributed Talks

::  Hajo Elmers Mainz, Germany

„Circular dichroism elucidates spin-orbit interaction in magnets”

::  Jacek Goniakowski Paris, France

“Polarity at the nanoscale”

::  Andrea Locatelli Trieste, Italy

“XPEEM and LEEM at Elettra”

::  Paola Luches Modena, Italy

“Morphology, structure and interface properties in metal/oxide systems”

::  Christoph Quitmann Villigen, Switzerland

“Dynamics of mesoscopic magnetic structures”

::  Bogdan Sepioł Vienna, Austria

“Atomic motion studied by coherent X-rays”

::  Kristiaan Temst Leuven, Belgium

“Exchange bias in Co/CoO bilayers and oxygen-implanted Co thin films”

::  Roland Wiesendanger Hamburg, Germany

“Atomic Spin Logic Devices”

::  Alexei Zakharov Lund, Sweden

“Surface Dynamics studied by Spectroscopic PhotoEmission and Low Energy Electron Microscope”

::  Ryszard Zdyb Lublin, Poland

“Magnetization of ultrathin films studied with Spin Polarized Low Energy Electron Microscopy”

::  Lech Tomasz Baczewski Warszawa, Poland

“Spin configuration in Co/Mo epitaxial multilayers studied by polarized neutron reflectivity PNR”

::  Iwona Kowalik Warszawa, Poland

“Nano magnetism in functional dilute magnetic semiconductors: (Ga,Fe)N films”

::  Anna Kozioł-Rachwał Kraków, Poland

“Interlayer Exchange Coupling in epitaxial Fe/MgO/Fe multilayers”

::  Ewa Madej Kraków, Poland

“Bimetallic Au-Fe clusters on TiO2(110)”

::  Ewa Młyńczak Kraków, Poland

“Structure and magnetic properties of Fe-CoO bilayers”

::  Ron Saris Kraków, Poland

“Co40Fe40B20/MgO/Co40Fe40B20 double wedge magnetic tunnel junctions with perpendicular anisotropy”

::  Witold Skowroński Kraków, Poland

“Preparation and characterization of magnetic tunnel junctions for the STT-RAM and ST-oscillators application”

::  Jacek Szade Katowice, Poland

“Resistive switching and its relation to electronic structure in epitaxial Fe doped SrTiO3 films”

::  Tomasz Ślęzak Kraków, Poland

“Non-collinear magnetization structure at the spin reorientation transition in ultrathin epitaxial Fe films on W(110)”

::  Marcin Zając Grenoble, France

“Phonons in ultrathin FeO films on Pt(111)”


::  Katarzyna Balin Katowice, Poland

“Growth and Characterization of Eu-Fe Films”

::  Kinga Freindl Kraków, Poland

“Comparison of oxygen adsorption on Fe(110) surface and Fe/W(110) monolayer”

::  Tomasz Giela Kraków, Poland

“Au films on W(110): reconstruction and dislocations”

::  Jacek Gurgul Kraków, Poland

“Exchange-bias in epitaxial CoO/Fe bilayer grown on MgO(001)”

::  Józef Korecki Kraków, Poland

“"Polar iron-oxide fillms on Pt(111)"”

::  Jerzy Kubacki Katowice, Poland

“Surface and electronic structure KTaO3 modified by Ar+ ion beam”

::  Piotr Mazalski Białystok, Poland

“Domain structures studies in (Co/Au)N and (Co/NiFe)N multilayers”

::  Michail Pashkevich Białystok, Poland

“Statics and ultrafast dynamics in Co-garnet heterostructure”

::  Michał Pilch Katowice, Poland

“Resistive switching behaviour in STO doped by La”

::  Nika Spiridis Kraków, Poland

“Surface electronic properties of Fe(001) probed via hyperfine interactions”

::  Michał Ślęzak Kraków, Poland

“Growth and Spin Structure of Ultrathin Fe Films on W(110)”

::  Dorota Wilgocka-Ślęzak Kraków, Poland

“The thickness induced polar spin reorientation transition in ultrathin Fe(001) films on Au(001)”

::  Marcin Wojtyniak Katowice, Poland

“Influence of Fe and Mn dopants on the resistive switching of SrTiO3 thin films”

::  Roman Wrzalik Katowice, Poland

“Influence of Fe and Mn dopants on the resistive switching of SrTiO3 thin films”

Social Program

Social program included welcome party, workshop dinner and skiing activity and/or mountain walking.

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