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 ! competition CLOSED ! 

AGH University of Science and Technology

Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science

within the TEAM programme entitled:

"Atomic and molecular level devising of functional nanostructures
for magnetic and catalytic applications"

announces recruitment for:


Two post-doc positions are available in topics “Self-assembled metal and metal oxide nanostructures on surfaces” and “Model nanomagnets and their interactions”. In situ ultrahigh vacuum surface-specifics methods will be used, as well as synchrotron radiation based spectroscopies. Familiarity with these techniques and general knowledge in nano- and surface science are strongly desired. Expertise in the following areas would be useful: scanning probe microscopies, nano scale magnetism, model catalysts, surface preparation and characterization of single-crystalline surfaces, epitaxial growth, Mössbauer spectroscopy and nuclear resonance scattering. A strong record of publication in peer-reviewed literature attesting to these capabilities is required. Post-doc’s responsibilities will include also training and supervision of students and preparation of reports and manuscripts for publication. Ph.D. in Physics, Chemistry, or related discipline, awarded in the last four years (not before November 2005), is necessary. Maximum duration of the post-doc projects is 40 months with starting date November 1, 2009. For a successful post-doc, further scientific career at the AGH University is open. We offer net monthly salary + stipend ca. 6000 PLN.

Recruitment procedure:

Candidates should submit their applications before August 31, 2009 to the e-mail address: korecki@agh.edu.pl.

Applications (in English) should contain at least: cover letter, CV and the record of scientific carrier, list of publications and other scientific achievements, recommendation letter(s) and a proof of the PhD degree that must be effective by November 1, 2009. Selected candidates will be invited to interview (we cover economic travel costs within Europe).

Information and contact: Prof. Józef Korecki e-mail: korecki@agh.edu.pl  

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